One might think a wedding is just another event. While that is true, not all events are weddings and I treat events and weddings I photograph very differently. While I am a professional photographer and believe my photos capture the emotions and vibrance in life that my clients want, I am far to a casual photographer to photograph traditional wedding ceremonies. The weddings I photograph are 15 persons or less while events may be 100 or more people. Events I photograph typically have many more photo taken and the effort involved for the event a good bit more than that of a small, 10 person or so wedding.

Event photography rates are $600 for 4 hours, $1,000 for 8 hours. Hourly rate is $200. I will deliver to you as many photos that make the cut with no maximum cap. You can likely expect to receive about 40 photos per event hour which is approximately 160 photos for a 4-hour event and 320 for a 8-hour event. You might receive fewer, or more. This is just an historical average.