$500 Wedding Photographer!

Can you really get a professional, reliable and talented full-day wedding photographer for $500? ABSOLUTELY!

So what’s the catch? Surely there has to be a catch? Well, I primarily photograph weddings that are small and intimate which is 50 people or less at the ceremony and reception. That’s it. No fine print. No tricks, ifs ands or buts. You can expect me to be your photographer for the full day. I will arrive ahead of schedule to capture any photo you desire and those you didn’t think of. Your make-up session? I’m there. Your future husband goofing around with the groomsmen? I’m there. Or putting on his tie? I’m there. Laughter with your bridesmaids in reflection of your years of friendship? I’m there. And all those details you couldn’t think of because, well, because you were a little predisposed? I’ll have that covered too.

Is $500 still over your budget? I offer $250 packages that last 4 hours which, for some, is plenty of time for the ceremony and reception. Commonly these are very small and intimate (sometimes as few as 10 people) ceremonies and the reception consists of a similar sized gathering for food and drinks with the bride and grooms closest friends and family.

But we love your photos. Will you please photograph my wedding if we have more than 50 guests? Yes, but I will be hiring a second photographer that I trust and produces quality photos you will love. However, his work comes at a premium. Our rate is $3,500. Two fantastic benefits of having 2 photographers is that you will get photos that one photographer can’t get alone (I can only be in one place at a time) and each photographer will interact uniquely with your guests, bringing out the best in everyone in different ways.

Davide & Genevieve Wedding – Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Rob & Lindsay Wedding – Key West, Florida

Gui & Mari