About TJ

TJ GillespieWith thanks to my aunt Jenny I discovered my interest in photography around age 10. Her hobby at the time was photography and I found myself fascinated with this large gadget that had a removable lens. However, it wasn’t until I took a photography class in high school that I understood what these larger SLR devices were capable of. The camera and lens my aunt gave to me I used for that class and for many years to follow – until it broke, that is. Photography was just a very casual interest of mine and I did not replace the camera.

Around the time the camera broke (early 90’s) I was exposed to digital photography. I was at a party where the host, with his digital camera, could take a photo and we could immediately view it on his TV. I was baffled to no end and I completely did not understand what digital meant. How is it possible a picture exists without film and a darkroom? This is magic!

Fast-forward to the mid 2000’s when I had the chance to use a point-and-shoot Kodak. With the camera in hand I took a few pictures of flowers around my house and was immediately enamored by the quality, color and instantaneousness of the photos. I quickly bought my own point and shoot and have since upgraded twice and now shoot with a full-frame Nikon.


Your camera takes really nice picture. Thanks I taught it everything it knows.
“Your camera takes really nice picture.” Thanks I taught it everything it knows.